RuLabinsky Ranch 2016 New Year's Letter

It's 2016! We hope the New Year is going well so far for all of you. It certainly promises to be an interesting year. So what's new with The RuLabinsky's?

Let's start with Izaak. He's still in Sydney, Australia working for Google, and plans to remain there until the fall of 2017. It turns out that by June 2017, Izaak can apply for citizenship because he will have spent 4 years there. Izaak feels having dual citizenship might be handy one day, and who knows, what with Donald Trump, etc., maybe the rest of the RuLabinsky clan will want to immigrate, too! Izaak had an intense spring 2015, with the release of a project he managed at Google, Maps Lite — a big success for him. He is now winding that project up and looking for new ones to explore at Google. His travels in 2015 included Bali, a work vacation in Mexico, work in NYC and Seattle, and hanging with Amy and Steve in Bala, Portola Valley, and Oahu. Izaak loves walking the city and beaches of Sydney and hanging with his crowd, who call themselves the "Gay Jews of Sydney."

Next comes Max. On the work front, Max enjoyed a long stint of 14 months working for Tesh Media as a motion graphics artist for Intelligence for Your Life. As the "fastest animator in the West" (he takes after Steve!), he survived several layoffs, but was eventually let go as a result of one final major budget cut. C'est la show business. Now he's looking for work again and freelancing in the meantime, doing motion graphics and animation for various advertising and TV clients. In April, Max also moved into his own one-bedroom apartment in Glendale, which he loves. Travels for Max this year included hanging with his friend Danielle in Mammoth Lakes, a trip to Las Vegas, a week in Australia visiting Izaak, and a family trip to Oahu over Thanksgiving. Probably the biggest news for Max is his growing fame as a drag performer. He must have gotten the performance gene from his former-rock-star parents. He joined an LA-based troupe called Exposure Drag that puts on shows every Monday night, and he has quickly grown a reputation for his off-beat themes which lean more toward comedy/satire performance art. Some people come to the show just to see what Max (aka Maxilla) will do next! When Steve and Amy came to visit LA in October, Max performed a tribute act for each of them. It was so amazing.

What's Steve up to? Work continues on Electric, as it has for the past 34 years. Steve can't wait to hang-up the Electric towel when he reaches the end of 2016 and his slated retirement. His main focus these days continues to be writing his romance novels. In 2015 he released Seductive Synchronicity and soon his next book, a rock 'n' roll romance entitled The Fiery Boys, will be released. Steve has also completed a first draft of his fifth book which combines his love of romance, con-games, and music. Steve also continues his work making the CDC's VAERS (vaccine injury) database available to the public. Because of this work, he was asked to testify in Sacramento in April, as part of the (sadly unsuccessful) attempt to stop the passage of SB277, a forced vaccine mandate in California. Steve and Amy witnessed hundreds of parents of vaccine-injured children from all over the state get up and make their plea to the legislators — who completely ignored them. It was a heartbreaking experience.

Amy continues her work promoting both her books, Impossible Cure and Active Consciousness. These efforts included articles, blogging, and interviews, including an interview with Charles Eisenstein, a major superstar in the global awareness community. Amy began work on a 3rd book in early 2015, which she anticipates will incorporate ideas from Hawaiian mysticism among other ideas, but she has put it on the back-burner for now. She also had fun this year painting, sewing, playing piano, and exploring new ideas — including a new fascination with Buckminster Fuller. The movie that Amy was filmed for three years ago — Time Is Art — was finally released in November 2015, and Amy introduced the movie at the San Francisco premiere. Finally, Amy turned 60, which was celebrated with Steve, Izaak, and Max during a Thanksgiving trip to Oahu.

Travels for Amy and Steve this year included a trip to Kauai in January, Alaska in May, the cottage in Bala in July and August, a Los Angeles visit with Max in October, Oahu in November, and Portland in December.

The RuLabinsky clan sends you their love and wishes all of you a happy and healthy 2016! Hopefully, the world will start taking a more positive turn this year.

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