RuLabinsky Ranch 2013 New Year's Letter

January 2013.

Believe it or not, Max is now in his last year in the USC film school, working super hard on this final senior animation, which will be 3-D with some 2-D elements. He had a great summer as an intern at Dreamworks Animation, where he learned to use their animation software and created a video. Of course, he is hoping for a fulltime animation job next year.

Izaak had a great year working on the maps team for Google in Mountain View, and living in a group house in Palo Alto. He continued his world-wide journeying in November with a 3-week trip to the Galapagos, hiking the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu in Peru, and resting up on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico. The big news for next year is that he will be transferring to the Sydney, Australia office of Google in late May, probably for a two-year stint.

Steve continues his work at Oracle on Electric, and hopes to retire from full time work in about 4 years. He also continues his volunteer work for the National Vaccine Information Center. When he turned 60 this year, we celebrated with a gala rock-and-bowl extravaganza. However, the big news is that he wrote his first novel! The first draft emerged over the course of six weeks in June/July as a kind of "download" from some mysterious source... and it is now shaping into a romance novel with a con-game twist, set in a modern business setting. Entitled Executive Sweet, it will be released via R.L.Ranch Press early this year. Our family publishing empire grows!
This year, Amy continued writing, giving lectures, and promoting her two books, Impossible Cure and Active Consciousness. Both books are doing well. You can learn more about all her media activities by visiting her book web sites (, or by visiting her new personal site, Amy also joined the board of her new synagogue, Coastside Jewish Community, over the summer. She continued her meditation studies with Ellen Miller and Gary Sherman, and took a personal retreat at Vajrapani in the Santa Cruz mountains in November.

  Amy and Steve's travels in 2012:
May: Costa Rica (where Amy conquered her fear of heights by zip lining).
July/August: Our cottage in Bala, Ontario (with Max and Izaak joining for the last few weeks).
October: Yellowstone National Park.
  Thanksgiving: Joshua Tree National Park and the mysterious Integratron (with Max).

In addition to Steve's 60th birthday party in October, we also celebrated New Year's with another big bash at RuLabinsky Ranch.

Love to you all, and a blessed, joyous, healthy, and creative 2013!

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