RuLabinsky Ranch 2011 New Year's Letter

January 2011

Happy New Year 2011, friends and family!

Oddly, 2011 seems like a year for optimism, despite everything. So let's all put our best intentions out there for a wonderful new year on planet Earth!

2010 was certainly an interesting year for the RuLabinsky's -- mostly good, but some sad times too. In March, Amy lost her mom Jeanette at age 94. The last four years were hard ones for "Ma", with many hospitalizations (and trips to Buffalo for Amy). However, mercifully, Jeanette's passing occurred at home, and was quick, painless, and peaceful, so we are all grateful for that. We miss Ma every day, but also feel her presence with us.

Jeanette and her cat

Izaak graduates
Izaak had the most exciting 2010. When the year began, he got a summer internship at Google in Sydney, Australia. He departed for the "Land Down-Under" after graduating from Stanford in June, and had the time of his life there. He also managed to implement and release a feature ("draggable directions" in the Google Maps API), and to top it off, came home with a full-time offer from Google. After interviewing at a number of other companies this past Fall, he decided to work at Google in Mountain View starting the Fall 2011. He's currently finishing his masters from Stanford, and when that is done (in April), he plans to travel around the world for 4 months before starting work. We are SO proud of him.
Izaak in Sydney

Max at USC
Max is now a sophomore and continues his studies in Animation and Digital Arts at USC's film school. He managed to surprise us all in early 2010 when he joined Theta Xi fraternity, where he now lives. Over the summer, Max interned at the Palo Alto Arts Center, helping teach their summer art camp program. He also created some animations for the National Center for Homeopathy and all the illustrations for Amy's new book. Max hopes to be an animation intern this summer, and will be going to Florence, Italy in August 2011 to study art and animation for his Junior semester abroad.

Steve continues his work on Electric at Oracle (which bought Sun in 2010). He is enjoying it quite a bit and has already managed to make some contributions to other Oracle projects as well. Probably his most satisfaction, however, comes from his outside activities: maintaining the online version of the CDC's VAERS vaccine injury database for the National Vaccine Information Center; reading textbooks at Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic; and his daily meditation practice.
Steve in Muskoka

Amy in Washington D.C.
Amy continues her work in writing and publishing. Her new esoteric book on consciousness has gone through many revisions and is nearly ready for publication (we PROMISE to give you the title next year!) After some soul-searching, Amy decided to produce the book herself again, via R.L.Ranch Press, with an anticipated release in mid-2011. On the homeopathy front, Amy continues to write articles, give interviews, publish her monthly eNewsletter, and has now wrapped up her 6th year as a board member of the National Center for Homeopathy. As of April 2011, however, she has decided to leave the NCH for greener pastures. The Arabic edition and a new German edition of Impossible Cure appeared in 2010, as well as a new version of her web site, In the personal realm, Amy continues her meditation studies with Gary Sherman, and she also took a Fall 2010 class in abstract art. Much of her year, of course, was spent settling Ma's affairs.

Amy and Steve in Muskoka
Finally, Steve and Amy spent 5 glorious weeks in Bala, Ontario, canoeing, reading, and recharging their batteries. Two one-week trips to Maui in February and December rounded out the year for the RuLabinsky clan.
Amy and Steve in Hawaii

We wish you all a wonderful 2011, and invite you to write and visit our web sites:;;

Love, Amy, Steve, Izaak, Max,
and Shadow (now 15 years old and still woofing!)
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All of us in Hawaii